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Welcome to Room 14

Tips to focus on this month:

Websites for Furthering Education

The Science of Cooking. Learn how to make bread, pickles, candy, etc.
Learn about our Federal Government
National Geographic for Kids
Highline School District Official Web Page.

Hello and Welcome to Room 14. My name is Ms. Battista. I was born in Roma, Lesotho, and grew up in Ankara, Turkey, and Okinawa, Japan. I graduated with a BA from Western Washington University, taught for a year overseas teaching ELL in DODDs and then returned for my masters in teaching from Heritage University. My favorite subject is Science because I think it incorporates all of the disciplines needed to have a successful life. I also find it all truly fascinating! :) What is your favorite subject and why? If you have questions or problems throughout the year please feel free to e-mail me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.